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Food and Water

The value of government and the positive impact of solutions based on sound policy on our lives must not get lost in the politics of the moment. A traditional strength of the Liberal Party is to think long term.

The richness and diversity of Simcoe-Grey’s economy is linked to the success of our local agricultural industry and the uniqueness of lifestyles across the riding are tied to the quality of water in our lakes and rivers.

Therefore, it is appropriate that the Simcoe-Grey Federal Liberal Riding Association (SGFLRA) announces the posting of the “Food and Water First” (logo developed by North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) on our website in conjunction with the opening of our booth at the Alliston Potato Festival the weekend of August 9th, 10th and 11th 2013.   Please drop by and tell us what you think.

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Below are two Resolutions Approved by the Liberal Party of
Canada  at the 2012 National convention.

Food, water and air are the essence of life. In recognition of this fact, we are pleased to highlight two existing policy resolutions as a reminder of the common goals that the Liberal Party of Canada shares with two major concerns of people in Simcoe-Grey.

One resolution is about agriculture and the second is about water.


WHEREAS we enter the 21st century, agricultural issues in Canada have moved toward issues of trade promotion, market development and international competitiveness and away from domestic food policy;

WHEREAS both federal and provincial governments share jurisdiction for agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada continues to be the central ministry for Agri-Food issues;

WHEREAS government has centered its focus on industry matters and not on consumers interests in having a sustainable Canadian food industry for Canadians;

WHEREAS the family farm remains in peril because of indebtedness, and many farmers, including young farmers have exited the industry;

WHEREAS the inadequateness of measures taken to negotiate between farmers and lending institutions and the rural transition programs to keep farmers in the industry;

WHEREAS programs intended to retain employment in rural areas have not proven successful;

BE IT RESOLVED that a Liberal Government create a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture to develop a national food strategy for Canada that will address food supply, sustainable farm income for farmers, agricultural employment, environmental sustainability and a secure food supply for Canadians.



WHEREAS freshwater is a natural resource essential for the life of Canadians and for the economic and social development of Canada;

WHEREAS safe, secure clean freshwater is a legacy we must pass on to our future generations;

WHEREAS freshwater has become a more and more rare and polluted resource and in certain regions of the Globe a source of international disputes and even armed conflicts;

WHEREAS interpretation of the status of freshwater in the various international agreements is not judicially established and for some people freshwater is a commercial good subject to the rules of the World Trade Organization;

WHEREAS in Canada the exact situation of the surface freshwater and the underground freshwater is not precisely known and an inventory does not exist;

WHEREAS from time to time provincial governments and private companies consider selling freshwater in bulk;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Liberal Party of Canada’s next platform will contain the commitment to establish a National Water Policy including particularly the declaration of bulk freshwater as a national non-commercial common good, an inventory of the resource, an evaluation of the degree of pollution of the resource, the obligation to keep freshwater and groundwater in its national watersheds, the modernization of the Canada Water Act (30 years old), the adoption of a Water Efficiency and Innovation Act, the firm commitment to ensure safe drinking water and effective waste-water treatment for all Canadians and research concerning the impact of emerging pollutants in water on human and aquatic ecosystem health is carried out.